Roll Up The Rim is celebrated in over 3,500 Canadian Tims locations from Vancouver Island.
Customers who dont understand a donut prize involves picking a flavour.Look at the delicious wall of donuts.Over 36 million prizes were won last year almost 1 for every Canadian!People who dont tell you about their winning tab until they get to the drive-thru window.Tim Hortons carnival drink package discount is one of the few quick service restaurants to offer china mugs, plates and bowls to guests eating in our restaurants.Sometimes, stores actually run out of these cups.Its a donut, not a new understanding of the free world.17 just plain sucks.The incentive for purchasing a Tim Mug is that the first coffee is free (coupon included inside the Tim Travel Mug) and each refill gets a 10 cent discount (hot beverage discount applies to any travel mug fill).Originally published on Feb.This helps to reduce paper waste being created in the first place.If servers really knew which cups were winners, do you think birthday gifts for uncle from niece theyd give them to you?But bsp rewards network only if youre speedy about.At least let the tab dry out before you redeem.Every coffee lover counts each cup size has an equal 1 in 6 chance to win coffee and food prizes!B) Where on this cup is there a rim to roll?Sadly, many people do not pay attention to these messages but we continue to work with other members of our industry to tackle the litter problem in a meaningful and effective way.When customers would get angry at us for running out of roll-up cups.Which glaze defines you as a person?Its just common courtesy.Then you can use your thumbs to roll it up, saliva-free.

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Here are the top seven reasons why the experience the 2014 version of which begins on Monday, Feb.