win 10 windows key not working

Disable gaming mode, if you are using a gaming keyboard, it does cvs have chick fil a gift cards can be in gaming mode.
In such a case, search for a key that enables/disables gaming mode and use it check amount left on gift card this key is usually with a joystick drawing (or something like american express gift card cid number that).This means it is time for you to scan your system.We hope this method has proved helpful.If things do not go as planned, you will be able to restore your backup file and get your Windows Registry up and running again: Open Registry Editor, using the instructions above.One at a time, type dism /online /Cleanup-Image / ScanHealth and dism /Online /Cleanup-Image /RestoreHealth (without"s) into your command prompt window and hit Enter after each.This can make your Windows key unresponsive.Log into your new account and see if has resolved your issue.Copy paste the below-mentioned command and hit return.Restart your Windows/File Explorer If the Windows logo key issue persists, you might need to restart the explorer.You will see.This nuisance becomes even worse when you are in remote desktop solution, and it feels like Windows Key or the WinKey is disabled.The navigate to, Layout, expand the, keyboard Layout key, locate.If you use an external keyboard, check if it is having the same WinKey issue when attached to another machine.
Re-register your apps If your Windows key keeps having issues despite all your efforts, your keyboard might be involved in some software conflict.

Check if the Windows logo key fails to perform its functions every time you press.
Scancode Map registry entry and delete.
Select New - dword (32-bit) value.