trivia game win money

You win, you get money, you can then cash out that money or trade it in for fabulous prizes.
The prizes are smaller and the presentation a little more janky than HQ, but any competition is good for HQ Trivia, and just like HQ Trivia, the price is right meaning its entirely free to try.
Select your response and confirm that it's your final answer.Play trivia, win cash.The developers were kind enough to provide me with a few dollars worth of credit, and I came out of the thing with a 10 dollar iTunes home run inn sweepstakes 2017 gift card.You can find much more information about your privacy choices in our privacy policy.The, poll help lets you poll a large crowd of people and gives you a percentage breakdown of responses.DAAs AppChoices app here.The Q is to HQ Trivia as Lyft is to Uber.Instructions: Once the game commences, you will be presented with a series of questions.In the case of The Q, they are Lyft.Who wants to be a millionaire play to win a million points.Submitted for your approval are three other ways you can answer questions and win money, on mobile platforms.At the end of the 12 question spree, anyone left standing wins their share of the prize pool -typically dollars.
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As a result, the smaller one takes more risks, and has more personality than the other.