We scoured the internet for the best white elephant gifts for 2018 so you can find the crap you need and get it delivered quickly.
What I love about this is that it allows you to turn any gift into a hilarious gag.In some versions a player can open a new gift before deciding if they want to swap it with someone else's.The second player can choose to either steal the previous players gift or open a new one.ABC Cookie Cutters, aBC stands for Already Been Chewed, in case youre wondering.If a gift is stolen, the previous owner then selects and opens a new gift.These funny muffin top baking cups serve as a reminder of what happens if you eat too much of the yummy stuff inside.April 16, 2018 whiteelephantexpress, february 15, 2018August 10, 2018 whiteelephantexpress, january 4, in greece gifts are delivered by saint who 2018April 16, 2018 whiteelephantexpress, create a website or blog.Its a perfect symbol of holiday tackiness, which makes this mug a perfect item for a gift swap.Given how popular Snickers bars are, you can count on this 1-pound monster being a popular item.Find out who the real bacon lovers are in your gift exchange.Latest posts by Roberta Jeeves ( see all ).Weve complied a figurative warehouse of white elephant gifts that are easy to order and can be delivered quickly.While its suggested that the number of players be around 6, as many people can play as have the time to exchange.Bacon Candy Bar, they say bacon makes everything better.This is no ordinary tape dispenser, however.This People of Walmart boxed calendar (based on the popular website) is funny enough to stand out from the crowd.Some groups allows players to steal if they get stolen from, but this can lead to endless swapping if additional rules aren't created.Rx Drink Cooler This foam koozie might not be the best choice for an office or church party, but its great for a group of friends.Choosing the right white elephant gift can be challenging.