Skypes, terms of Use apply.
No cash redemption, except where required by law.
To be clear, we reading eagle rewards call our relatives' regular home phones or cellphones - they do not need to have Skype or do anything more than have a phone number for us to call them.
We've used Skype cards for years, always purchased in the store, and if I had one complaint at all it is that I prefer the physical card, purchased in the store.Conversion rate may differ to the amount paid due to currency fluctuations.Do you want to surprise someone with a Skype Gift Card?No emergency calls can be made using Skype.The benefits of using the Skype cards to add Skype credit, whether they are electronic or physical, are that there are no international transaction fees, with adding credit on the Skype website (the last time we did it that way it was billed out.Add extra credit to your Skype account with.Skype Gift Card and start placing worldwide calls on Skype!If your Skype Account is in another currency, the value of the code will be converted to that currency upon redemption and at the rate published in the Currency section.A Skype gift card is a prepaid gift card with which you can increase your Skype credit for your Skype account.The Skype card is by far the easiest and best way to add Skype credit to your Skype account.The best value we have found for international calling).It works perfectly, and at less than two and a half cents a minute, vs the almost fifteen cents a minute if we use our house phone, and way more than that if we use our cellphone plan to call internationally, it is a great.It works perfectly using a WiFi connection at home with the iPad or iPod Touch and microphone-equipped earbuds or a headset, as well as the iPhone using WiFi, or a cellular data connection, with or without headphones.Personalize your gift by leaving your own peronal message.A connection fee applies, see m for details.The value of the code is in US dollars.Once redeemed, credit does not expire.All sales are final.
Buy Skype credit, increase your Skype credit with.

Skype account required and code can only be redeemed in respect of one Skype account.
Print the Skype code on gift paper!