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So tell me: How'd you like it?
Cordelia : It's not the pain.Translator : Yes, I did say it did.Angel turns around and keeps walking, Spike not too far behind.To Bryce We're going shopping.Angel : I'm not interested in what you think!Are you going to let them kill our baby?Angel : Uh uh, I don't want.Lindsey : No, of course it doesn't work, because after Angel stole it there was a disenchanting ceremony.Angel and Spike stare Demon Butler : The money, the head.Wesley : Your sister.Man's gotta stay focused on profit margins and power lunches.Prompter : whispers 'is not as devoted to me'.The jar containing Angel's soul appears on a table in front of Angelus Beastmaster :.It's about a little thing called life.Seats in a theater are shown It's not technically a crowded theater.Chuckles Hope for the little ponce yet.Angel : It's a setup.Wesley : Because I went over the work and I got that knowing feeling you get when you know something.Fredless edit eternal crusade squadron edition gift Cordelia : Lemme break it down for you, Fred.Angel : Actually, it's just Angel.Lindsey : Believe it or not, I was actually talking about you.
In the greater scheme, in the big picture, nothing we do matters.