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It is more like an exchange, but not a way of sharing.
Acquaintances' children: If coming across an acquaintance with kids, you need to send the packets as trans siberian orchestra discount code well. red envelopes are handed out to younger generations by their relatives, and even close friends or neighbors.Greetings like wishes for good health and happiness usually go along with the luck money.This fios rewards community became an annual custom and the monster Sui no longer came near.As the Chinese Character Year (suì) has the same pronunciation with the monster's name (Suì the people called the coins Ya Sui Qian, meaning lucky money warding off the evil spirit.There are no set answers to this question and individuals decide according to their financial status.They just shake phones ceaselessly to gain random amounts of money.Meanwhile, this situation also spoils the children, who can become accustomed to thinking that they can reap without sowing.Tags: links, internet, i am always looking on the net for the great gift site.I found this site while looking on m and it looks to be pretty close to what I am looking for.In the south, people will choose to send packets with money in an amount of RMB 88, 666, 888 or 999, as these figures are considered auspicious.Why give the red envelopes?Unlike the hallmark cards of the West, red envelopes given during the New Year are relatively unadorned, containing, if anything, simple Chinese characters such as happiness and wealth; theyre also left unsigned and free of any kind of message.However, in southern China, people are likely to give a start back to work packet (Li Shi) when employees return after the Spring Festival.Personally, Im all for the red envelope idea.Most people will be glad to receive new cash, so you'd better acquire some crisp new notes from banks in advance.Chinese New Year for Kids, differences on Celebrations between North and South China - Last modified on Sep.Wechat Red Envelope, wechat is now one of the most clipp app promo code widely-used social media in China.Out of respect and as a courtesy, the receiver should not open the envelope in front of the giver.But all kidding aside, the tradition of the red envelope contains a history of gift-giving far richer than anything we have here in the West, and reflects the desire of older citizens for the younger generation to prosper and thrive in the new year).In the northern region of China, the integral and even number amount are popular, such as 100, 200, 500, 8 whereas sums such as 250, 400 or 740 should be avoided.

Other Occasions to Give Red Envelopes.
This leads to a financial burden on an average family, and the expenditure can be a large proportion of the entire Chinese New Year cost.
Not only does it cut out the trouble of trying to figure out what to get someone, it even settles the question of a card and frees the giver from having to come up with a trite sentimental statement to put down.