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PTR programs are a very inefficient alternative to charging time-varying rates that reflect the true time-varying cost of electricity.
Once a customer gets used to being paid for reducing consumption on peak days, it is very difficult to change to a system that just charges higher prices on those days.There may be a utility that has managed to move from fully implemented PTR to time-varying pricing, but Im not aware of any example.Camden Yards: Home of the Baltimore Orioles and a scofflaw energy manager.Click, hERE to download the rebate form.Since the beginning of electricity grids, demand has fluctuated, and supply has been made to follow in greece gifts are delivered by saint who along.On the other day, he stays home and cranks up the A/C, raising his consumption to 70 kilowatt-hours. .Wolak and other studies have shown that most of the demand reducers who get paid the rebate are actually free riders.Click, hERE to download the rebate form to receive 10 off peak Auto Battery Charger Maintainers, now Available at your local Home Depot.Save 5 when you purchase peak Long Life at your local Home Depot. .Theres always something happening in peak Nation.Sep, save 10 on peak Auto Batter Charger Maintainers.To integrate intermittent renewable energy sources, we really need to start taking demand-side participation seriously.Prices that reflect the cost of electricity would be a more effective way to integrate renewables and a fairer way to allocate the costs.

She is a reliable sort who dutifully reduces her consumption to 45 kilowatt-hours on each conservation rebate day.
Sacramento Municipal Utility has recently had a very successful rollout of critical-peak pricing, one form of time-varying pricing, which the real Catherine has blogged about.
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