Le Duc Tho himself refused to take part in the award.
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Some of the decisions made by the committee, and the positions taken over the years, have been simply baffling.
Daily, c/o Nobel Museum, family.Lewis, but the Nobel committee gift for new shop opening dismissed his writing, essentially saying that it was poor quality and didnt match up to their standards.1Controversy Over Eurocentric Bias In Literature The Nobel committee has never been a stranger to controversy, but thats usually fairly expected when it comes to something as high profile as the Nobel Peace Prize.However, sometimes the awards create a stir not necessarily for outright controversy, but for general strangeness.As you can imagine, this is a weakness in the awards, as it can lead to unrevocable awards for scientific discoveries that are later overturned.3The Johannes Fibiger Mistake Photo malaysia discount airlines credit: Wellcome Images The Nobel committee, as you know, flatly refuses to ever revoke an award no matter how much someone doesnt deserve it, but there are probably times when they wish that they could have changed their minds.She gave up all personal luxury in her life, and only had the barest of accommodations in general.To begin with, Marie Curie first won a Nobel Prize in Physics for her work with radioactivity.This was back in the early 1900s, and at the time the Nobel committee was a little quicker than they are now to award prizes in the fields of science.The reason the media is so often wrong, and the reason there isnt much understanding of why the Nobel committee made many of their decisions, is due to the design of the entire process.This was inconvenient for Germany and several scientists working on walmart registry discount projects within its borders at the time.6The 50-Year Statute Of Secrecy, many times, a decision is made by the Nobel committee that doesnt seem to make much sense, and people wish they could understand the reasoning behind it better.Tolkien had been nominated years back for the Nobel Prize in Literature by his good friend.S.
In fact, he even stated unequivocally that he still believes Europe to be the center of the literary world, which is basically an open admission of bias.
C/o Nobel Museum, exhibition.