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Retrieved February 27, 2013.153 154 Popcorn Chicken is one of the most widely available KFC products, and consists of small pieces of fried chicken.Swann, Patricia (April 2010).205 In May 2012, Greenpeace accused KFC of sourcing paper pulp for its food packaging from Indonesian rainforest wood.The company admitted to charges of failing in a duty of care to employees, and was ordered by Teesside Crown Court to pay fines of 800,000 and 150,000.Mellor, William (January 26, 2011).Johnson, Lauren (February 6, 2016).The New York Times.Feeding China's Little Emperors: Food, Children, and Social Change."12 Finger-Lickin' Facts About KFC".Petroff, Alanna (February 23, 2018).
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191 Early official slogans for the company included "North America's Hospitality Dish" (from 1956) and "We fix Sunday dinner seven nights a week".