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No kit requirements, no membership requirements, no long-term high-cost purchase agreements.And even those that were working leprechaun museum discount if the quality of the blends is not as amazing what does that say about the quality of the single oils?I can *finally* understand why someone would want to diffuse oils in their home!Peppermint was the next oil added to my tiny collection.Lies, lies and more lies: Out of an old Tacoma house, fact-checking site Snopes uncovers them.I cannot get over the difference this lavender is amazing!I put peppermint in my diffuser necklace any time I have a headache.I love them all!This made me start asking questions about how Rocky Mountain Essential Oils are made, and what kind of purity I can expect from the company.If you would like to see a direct comparison between Rocky Moutain Oils Blends and your favorite MLM blends check out this chart.I wanted to try the Relax blend for my boys to see if it helped them sleep at night.
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Obviously to me, something makes these oils different.