Under a does cvs have chick fil a gift cards new name, Saadia can be found at, the american express gift card cid number Bannered Mare in Whiterun.
You have already proved your skills.
Lie to her, tell her that you failed and where unable to defeat the Alik'r Warriors and that you have a horse waiting for her at the stables so she can flee.
When you mention the Alik'r, she asks you to follow her to her room, where you can speak in private.Collect your reward from Kematu or Saadia.At this point, you can make a choice: Speak to the Alik'r warriors.Second, aldmeri Dominion she fled to, whiterun.All users are welcome to make changes to the page.New main objective (Redguards Lead Saadia to the Whiterun Stables Return to Whiterun and tell Saadia that the Redguards are on her trail.Defend a Helpless Dissident.Saadia, skip to, talk to the Alik'r Prisoner.If you lack gold, you can consider accepting their offer.If you still want to help Saadia, you'll have quite a fight on your hands.Tell her that someone is looking for her.Find the Alik'r Prisoner edit edit source, in the Dragonsreach where is the zip code on a visa gift card Dungeon find the Alik'r Prisoner in one of the cells.The woman will immediately believe you and follow you.You can then loot Kematu's body to get 200 gold, his attire, and his sword.See Quest Stages and skip to step 160 to progress the quest.She's sure to welcome you warmly.You won't find any hints pointing to which side is telling the truth - you need to trust your intuition.
It is also possible to encounter Alik'r warriors harassing any number of Redguard women throughout Skyrim.
This will get you the reward from Saadia and the gold that Kematu is carrying, without having to fight the rest of the Alik'r.