If you've noticed the scattering of leaves whenever a Cure spell is cast, you understand this Ability's name; it grants your character invincibility while executing Cure-class Commands.
Wellspring 01, link Prize Plus, magic Haste, hP Prize Plus.
Get and enable it asap!In the third slot, you select one of the different types of crystals to create an ability attachment.With this, you can take two different Deck Commands, and combine them to create an entirely new command.This is done through the Deck Command menu.Once this is complete, hit the button, and you will have a new Deck Command with one of many different abilities.Second Chance, much like Once More, and equally essential, this ensures that your characterso long as they have two or more Hit Pointswill survive virtually any attack, giving you an opportunity to run and recover.Deck Melding should be done quite often to upgrade commands and spells, and to constantly learn new abilities.As for the more uniquely-named Abilities, they're defined as follows: Ability, description, defender, if your HP dips below 25 of its total, your defense will be increased.Kingdom Hearts Kingdom, command Melding.HP Prize Plus, eXP Chance, c Fire Screen, attack Haste.Once More, truly priceless, and always active (unless your HP bar is already drained to one point Once More promises that you'll survive any combo inflicted upon you.Leaf Bracer, hp government employee discount program fire Boost, hP Boost, air Combo Plus 02 EXP Chance layered and long etsy coupon code Reload Boost HP Prize Plus Finish Boost Fire Boost Damage Syphon Once More 03 Link Prize Plus Attack Haste HP Prize Plus Finish Boost Fire Screen HP Boost Combo Plus 04 Link Prize.Some will increase your maximum stats (e.g., HP Boost and others will cause the related attacks to deal more damage (e.g., Fire Boost).EXP Chance, like Defender, this comes into effect whenever your HP is less than 25, and enhances the EXP rewards from fallen foes.
Due to their summarized nature, the Abilities listed below may come across as terribly vague, so their value isn't immediately apparent.
It increases the chances of HP orbs being dropped.

abounding, fleeting, hungry, pulsing, shimmering, soothing.
Technically, creating them is optional, but a handful of Abilities (e.g., Once More) should be considered essential, and the completionist will want them all!