healthy snack gift baskets

Ideally, these will only be put into gift baskets that will be delivered the same day.
A fabulous blend of dried fruits and nuts, fortified with healthy Omega.
Its therefore not always a very healthy snack, but it does at least have that reputation.
Food plays a huge role in social customs including the giving of gifts, but giving someone low-quality snacks will never be the way to impress them.Designed and made in the USA.Preserves, Sweets and Other Edibles, there are dozens of snack options available for those who care to look, but not all of them are suitable for inclusion in a gift basket.In an effort to create more sustainable packaging, we have eliminated our package overwrap.Our Dried Fruit and Nut Mosaic Rectangle Tray is the effortless solution to your entertaining needs.Produce that looks nice doesnt always taste that good, certain fruit can be hard to come by out of season, and its not possible to store them for very long.A gift basket containing a bottle of champagne becomes twice as special when it comes with a few strawberries, while most kinds of fruit can add a little color and vibrancy to any gift hamper.Dried Fruit and Nuts, these look good, stay fresh for months and are popular among people between the ages of 4 and 104.You want your product to stand out from other options without costing the earth, and including brand-name candy that can be found at every gas station is not the way to do that.Salted roasted pistachios and cashews to delicately nike discount card sweet dried kiwi and nectarines, this beautifully rustic tray is perfect for all your gatherings.Our Omega 3 Deluxe Mix is a healthy energy-boosting snack that is sure to satisfy the crunchy-sweet cravings.Source: m, most high-quality bakeries are afraid to make more products than they can sell during the same day, but they will generally be more than happy to fulfill any order with 24 hours notice.Its also worthwhile to make sure that whatever you include is kosher, vegetarian and so on as appropriate, rather than leaving people in a position where they have to ask.
2) 1x Clif Energy Bar Oatmeal Raisin,.4 oz 3) 1x Clif Energy Bar Chocolate Chip,.4 oz 4) 1x Kind Bar Nut Delight,.4 oz 5) 1x Kind Bar Fruit Nut Delight,.4 oz 6) 1x Back To Nature Nantucket Harvest Blend Trail Mix.
One thing to keep in mind is that dried fruit often contains a large amount of added sugar, and the same with salt and nuts.

Beautifully Arranged Dried Fruit and Nuts Including Almonds, Cashews, Pistachios, Pitted Dates, Prunes, Pears, Angelina Plums, Apricots, and Kiwi.
Who says healthy can't taste great?