great maternity gifts

Shell try them on in her own home, and only keep (and pay for) those that she loves!
Help her return to work with confidence!
Do you have some more ideas for the mom back from maternity leave?Tell me your favorite must-haves in the comments, and lets make gift-giving easier for our loved ones (and the next reader!) Have you already inexpensive holiday gift ideas for employees checked out my Gift Guide for the Working Mom?Thoughtful Gifts for the New Mom.Milk boosting herbal teas This brand is widely available, and you may even be able to pick it up at a local grocery or drugstore.Starbucks (or the closest coffee shop to the office) might be well-appreciated!At the time of this post (November 2017 the service was still rolling out in larger cities, and not pet gift box vs barkbox yet available nationwide.Did you know that some moms return to work before they are required?Consider passing along light-hearted books or magazines.If you cant financially help, tell her about the crowd gifting site Plumfund it even has a Babyfund section.If youre not certain about what she wants, needs or likes, then this gift card will most likely be a great option.Have you already checked out my other Gift Guides for the working mom or traveling for the holidays?Before you buy, do a quick search of Amazons Wish List feature ( I talk about it here ) to see if the mom in question already has a public wish list!Snacks Emergency Kit, put together a simple welcome back emergency kit from the grocery store.Throw in popcorn or oatmeal, too, if you have an office microwave.If mummy loves scents, get her a reed diffuser that will create calm throughout the house while shes nesting or bonding with baby for the first time.See my disclosure policy for more information.Shawl For a little additional privacy while pumping at the office, and just in case somebody disregards the occupied sign!Want to receive updates from me about ending your career break?
Help her prepare for the little bundle of joy with our amazing selection of mum-to-be gifts.