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Price:.95 Quantity: * Whole number only This Decker Fur Comb removes cockleburs, dirt, blood, and other hindering objects from fur.
Rinse well in clean water and go to Step. .
Fold salted hide flesh on flesh, roll up and leave 24 hrs.Saturday Sunday, closed, fur Fish Game, trapper's Post.Animal Trapping LuresEdmont Wilson Gauntletsepic Adventure CamerasEpler Fur Company, ny EnterprisesExpand-A-PanExtreme Dimension Wildlife CallsF TFirefield OpticsForsyth Animal kia sweepstakes 2017 LuresFox Hollow Cable StakesFur - Fish - GameFur ProductsGarminGrawe's LuresHAGzHavahartHawbaker's Trapping Lures BooksHoosier Trapper Supply Inc.Manufacturer Part No : phtf, quantity: * Whole number only, add to a new shopping list.Dexter Russell Edge-1 Hand Held Sharpener Item #edge-1-PCP Price:.50 Quantity: * Whole number only This top of the line sharpener from Dexter Russell has tungsten carbide cutting heads for precision sharpening.Tans all fur skins-coyote, fox, raccoon, squirrel, rabbit, muskrat, beaver, etc. .Also, pulling the tanned hide back and forth over a tight rope works very well for softening expedia online coupon code 2015 Related Products 1 Handle Fleshing Tool Price:.95 Quantity: * Whole number only Small Pelt Flesher Model.Bottle tans one deer hide or several furs.Has a plastic handle, long lasting.Then scrape off salt again and go to Step.This apron is grease and oil resistant and won't get hard and brittle Fiberglass Fleshing Beam and Pre-trimmed Insert Combo Price:.95 Quantity: * Whole number only Here is our combination of the fiberglass fleshing beam along with its specially designed wooden insert.3 or 4 strokes is all it takes and it's sharp.Read Entire Text Receive NTA Gifts for your Donation Purchase a New Membership or Renew Your Current Membership A new item in our NTA Store includes an 8-inch cast iron skillet complete with the NTA logo on the bottom.Bear and moosed require 3-4 create a gift list bottles.Can flesh beaver or otter.Easy home tanning of all game hides and fur skins.Mix salt bath thoroughly and let cool.

Pre-mixed and ready to use, tans deer either hair-on to make a deerskin rug or mount, or hair-off to make buckskin leather. .
Has two holes to handle all sizes of tail bones.
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