Hikers Gift Guide Day 8 Great Gadgets and Fun Finds.
Seriously though, in general, I personally find socks a really useful and practical gift.
Having a good knife or torch handy is always useful, although I typically use a headlamp for hiking in my time of need rewards and camping purposes.
There are 4 functions of this: Sit pad, camp pillow, stuff sack and summit/slack.But one thing that's always necessary is wet weather gear.Snack Pack Another fun and easy one!Well, again, a sun hat is just as necessary as a good beanie in the cold.What if you live in a warm area?Dot Dot electrical gadget organizer: This would be great for long distance hikes when you know you will be staying at accommodations along the way.Or perhaps better still - as the ultimate gift a GPS!Hats and gloves are a must over cooler times of year like autumn and winter.So, ocado voucher 3rd shop think along the lines of a bag of trail mix, some granola or energy bars, protein bars, chocolate for an energy blast, boiled sweets, dried fruit, etc.Also, gloves also serve multiple purposes.g.This was the best way I could find to pack it that carried.But spending a night on the mountain can be a special experience, and it's easy to take a lightweight tent with you on your walk.Darn Tough Socks: We both love these socks for hiking.First Aid Kit I actually got this as an unexpected gift from a colleague in the office as part of a Kris Kringle some years back!So, maybe its that time of year again and you just cant believe another year has rushed by, and Santa is looking around for the naughty and the nice.(Like us :-).Socks are of course the border between the skin on a hikers feet and their hiking boots or trail shoes (which is of course getting pounded by the trail as they hike so good ones are essential.
You can learn more about some specifics about buying hiking socks here.