gender neutral baby shower game prizes

It should make the Mom-to-be happy without sending the guys running to the local sports bar.
A couple's shower can be a wonderful way for the expectant parents to share in the celebration-especially since they may not have much time to socialize with friends after their little one is born.
The team that finishes first wins.Homemade Bath Bombs Source: A Beautiful Mess Everyone loves relaxing in a warm bath with a fragrant, beautifully colored bath bomb.Each journal featured lovely illustrations on the cover, and they were all personalized using the guests names.Written on it, and a basket.DAAs AppChoices app here.But more than that, many of these baby shower games made the best list by not just being about baby, but the mom and, often, the guests too.Name the objects on your list.Whats the one word that would best describe name of expectant moms mood cincinnati zoo festival of lights discount code while pregnant?In this article: Best baby shower games, simple baby shower games, unique baby shower games.Here are the A-Z tips for hosting a co-ed shower before they begin singing their ABC's to the new baby.Diaper Decorating Contest, give guests Sharpie markers and let them decorate diapers for the newborn.Before the party: Fill each bottle with the beverage.Baby shower game: Whats in My Purse?How to play: As the guests arrive, ask them to hand in their cut piece of yarn.What were the names of the six kids on The Brady Bunch?

Have her lift the hat so the guests can find out!
Homemade Sugar Scrubs, source: Sweet Root Village via 100 Layer Cakelet, these adorable sugar scrubs are the perfect favor or game prize.