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We are rather intensely interested about your plans.
Iiy Indenture, bearing date 13th May 1830, between Ann, widow of the Revs Thomas Hay, late canon of Christchurch and rector of North, epps, of the one part, and ISdward Lord Nuffield of the other part, reciting that better bathrooms discount code 2014 the said Thamas Hay, previous to his.
They contrived to bring it down by placing the three in their cage under the tree and another cage by it, into which it went and was caught."I have been very busy indeed this week with my new Clothing Charity at Little Northrepps.8 This mufjj she left to her niece, Lady Buxton, who gave it to Caroline, Hoare, who passed it on to her daughter-in-law Annie Hoare.To Sir Edward Buxton, on standing for South Essex."Aunt Foster's Kittens." "My dear Aunt, I herewith send you a cat and kittens "all alive 0" I have put up some hard eggs and a bottle of milk with them, so that if they starve by the way it is not my fault.No two of them behave exactly in the same manner.After- wards, a pair of green parrots, a cock of the Amazonian and a hen of the Honduras breed, made a nest in one of the boxes, and brought up a young one, but when he was nearly fledged one of the cockatoos thought.His sons - Josnph.And the following which was an essay, from the Uncle, Joseph John to his niece, is interesting as being the first reference t keeping cockatoos at Northrepps.I hear evil things of you, View Page 115 namely, that you are so inveterately industrious that you are work- ing yourself to the death.I send for her when I want to be brightened up, and she never fails." Sm tut Lt4tz.I cannot refrain irom noting that Anna Gurney chronicles that in November, 1829, a whale was killed at Runton, and a stake of it eaten at Northrepps Hall!View Page 175 ttttr To Catherine, Lady Buxton, on the Continent.We are most anxiously wishing to hear about Fernando.Mr Wheatley is of opinion that a Floating Light with a small lifeboat attached to it stationed at the North end off this sand, would prevent much of the evil to the ship owners of the Port of concur in this opinion and will they.Follow the yellow waymarks between houses and after 200yds (183m) turn right, pass the Church of St Mary the Virgin on your left, and join to the Flitch Way.Dear Lady Buxton climbing up and down the hills with activity and plea- sure, Priscilla Johnston and little Andrew as gay as possible, and I the sweet young trio, Chenda, Anna and Bessy, the ornaments of the scene, radiant with delight.She smithsonian gift shop was peculiarly kind, gentle and benevolent.Bartlett, in "Observations upon the town of Cromer and its neighbourhood as a "House which is flinted and thatched, with a Gothic porch, also thatched, fitted up with the greatest neatness and simplicity, and the stained glass which occupies the upper parts of the arches.
Jcn-N sHxivs m *M*z*l View Page 55 rosity and denial of self almost amounted to faults, everybody loved "Aunt Gurney but she did not inspire respectful few'.

Gurney, who soon rebuilt it, and it is still in constant use.
They were blessed with numerous des- cendants, who soon became land owners and set up two family estates on each side of the parish, and it is not impossible that this couple built Northrepps Hall which is about that date, though there seems little doubt.
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