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Hurd was the only freshman among eight House members returning April 8 from a trip to Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Israel, Jordan and Germany led by Ryan, R-Wis.We have screen recorder win 7 our own brand; weve been doing our own thing.Will Hurd knows he's vulnerable.Gallego said in the interview.That makes it all the harder, Republicans argue, to tie incumbents to the bombast and anomalous nature of the Trump persona.After eking out a two-point victory in 2014, incumbent freshman Republican.With the summer fading fast, both campaigns are gearing up for a battle to the finish line.Joaquin Castro, D-San Antonio, avoided a primary race in the 20th congressional district.Instead, he insisted he hears more about his grilling of FBI Director James Comey at a committee hearing last month, shortly after Comey declined to recommend charges against Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton for her use of a private email server when she was secretary.Since last year, nine bills that Hurd either wrote or had a hand in have passed the House.In their most recent campaign finance filings, Hurd had about 900,000 more in cash-on-hand.In the interview, Gallego made no bones about his financial disadvantage, saying that incumbents in the district have historically spent more only to lose.Traveling the district, Hurd said he does not get asked much about Trump because Im talking about local concerns.His hope is Hurd can win two in a row, solidifying his hold on the seat and breaking the flip-flop cycle.But what I always keep in mind is that he is from the Dick Cheney school of foreign policy, Gallego said, referring to George.No fewer than five men have represented the district over the past 10 years.The billionaire, she added, is "making a battle between every human being.