A gift such as this shows your friend that you took the time to thoughtfully think of her as a quick purchase could not.
Include magazines to make her laugh, journals to record her thoughts, organic lip balms and aloe to soothe chapped skin, a squishy stress ball to squeeze away the worries of the day, cozy socks, aromatic candles, plus crackers, tea, and/or a favorite food.
When undergoing cancer treatments comfort is swale heating voucher code key.
If she has a cancer other than breast cancer, take the time to learn about cancer organizations devoted to specific cancers.If you havent gotten the memo yet, adult coloring books are all the rage right now, and I have jumped on the bandwagon.That said, if youre looking for something practical, people who have been through chemo and those with work with chemo patients swear these are great options: Related: This Woman Is Lip Syncing Her Way Through Chemotherapy.Are you in the medical field?As much as I enjoy Zentangle, sometimes my perfectionism gets in the way.The jury is still out on whether or not stress reduction improves survival with cancer.After all, before their diagnosis they were in the same place.However, be aware that many cancer patients have food restrictions (e.g.So, if you have a loved one who is going through chemo, its understandable that youd want to do everything you can to help them through the process.Yet regardless of any survival advantage, we know that stress is uncomfortable and reduces anyone's quality of life.Personalized gift certificates are endearing and always come in handy when the patient isnt feeling 100 percent herself.4 Warmth and Style are Great in a Gift Gifts to help with her chemotherapy associated baldness may be welcomed.The Cancer Fighting Kitchen One Bite at a Time that take into account the special dietary needs of cancer patients.If cooking is not your thing, its ok to let that meal sign-up sheet pass you.