The reticle on the M110 leupold scope is an illuminated reticle, and yes, it does introduce something else to break in the field, but the reticle will continue to work if the battery dies or the illumnation fails, it just will not be illuminated.
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We reviewed this scope a number of years ago here: Mk4.5-10x40mm gift university login Brown.The initial order of M110s was far fewer than there were M24s in service so it was my personal opinion that best gift cards 2018 it was going to be fielded as a complimentary rifle to the M24 and not a replacement.With the announcement of the M24 conversion to 300 Win Mag also came the adoption of the Mk 248 Mod 1 ammo which uses a 220gr Sierra Match King bullet launched at 2850 fps.The one thing I thought the scope could of benefited from was a FFP reticle so that you could not only mil your targets on any power, but also use your mil hold offs for moving targets, together we win windage, etc.When the M24 was designed, this type of technology did not exist, and it is excellent to include it on this rifle.Together, you have a very formidable duo of rifles.Additional Notes: Direct Gas-Operated, leupold Mk4.5-10x40mm M2 with Illuminated TMR, earth brown plus detachable emergency iron sights, the M24 SWS has been the US Army standard issue Sniper Rifle for over 20 years now and it has done a great job, especially for.There is a set of backup iron sights (buis) that consists of a rear match grade style peep aperture and front iron sight, both the front and rear sights fold and are fairly accurate.6-284 for Varmint Silhouette Borden-Built 6-284 for Varmint Silhouette.5 "Mystic" Barrel Block F-Classer Stevens Action in Radical Barrel-Block Rig.5 Creedmoor for Tactical Competition.5 Creedmoor Rivals.260 Rem Performance.5 Grendel Cartridge Guide History and Development.5 Grendel.5 Grendel F-Classer by Speedy.Moderator Shoots Impressive New Steyr Stinger Missile Box for Rifle Transport Convert 200 Surplus Stinger Box to Gun Case Stock Duplicating Using 3D Laser Scans Making Stocks with CNC Milling from Scans Stock Painting Guide Step-By-Step Guide for Stock Painting Stress-Free Pillar Bedding Step-By-Step Stock.Combo LRF, Spotting Scope, and Wind Meter Combination Spotter, Range Finder, Kestrel Competition Cartridges From 222 Rem to 50 BMG Complete Precision Case Prep Sorting, Chamfering, Neck-Turning and More.Parker Talk Prone Shooting Prone Rig with Curly Maple/Ebony Stock Amazing Fiddleback Maple Prone Rifle Quickload Reloading Software Unique Software Enhances Load Development Radical F-TR Stock with Integral Bipod Futuristic Skeleton Design F-TR Stock Bipod Radical Swallowtail Benchrest Stock SEB Stock with Truss Design and.M1Cs, M1Ds, M21s as the US Armys primary sniper rifle, the.The combat experience in built up areas (Urban, mout) showed the need for suppressors to aide in the protection of the snipers by deception and concealment.It became apparent that a new rifle needed to be added to the inventory that would better suit the needs of the modern urban combat zone as well as the traditional sniper role.Thin Primer Cups and Pressure Privacy Policy Protections for Personal Information Problems with "Do-It-Yourself" AR15s Common DIY Build Mistakes Profile of F-Class Ace Derek Rodgers F-TR Champ Derek Rodgers' Tips Prone Guns for 300m and Beyond.The illumination does help with low light conditions, something that is nice for all combat conditions.As time went on, the Army was indicating it as a replacement, but yet no M24s were removed from service and the numbers were still far too low to be a replacement.The M110 now brings the Army back into the realm of semiautos.For when the light is no longer low, but rather non-existent, the M110 is setup to accept the AN/PVS-26 Universal Night Sight which is mounted in front of Leupold scope.26 Nosler: Speedy New.5mm Magnum Nosler Issues saami Specs for 26 Nolser 3-Position Shooting Tips from Emmons Emmons Demonstrates Shooting Positions 300m Competition Guide Quick Guide to Int'l 300m Rifle Competition 300M Shooting - A Challenging Discipline Insider's Look at 300m Shooting 30BR Cartridge.

Not that you use the back up sights much, but it is still nice to be able to zero them, and then leave them mounted when you put the scope on for use when all else fails.
By Melvin Ewing October 16, 2014.
Some of these downsides are that they are not as well suited to the traditional sniper role due to their shape and the fact that they fling brass all over the ground which can compromise your position and potentially leave target identifiers, not to mention.